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The ENGIE Group is a world leader in energy and decarbonisation services and is at the forefront of the energy transition. Its objective is to act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy and fight against climate change, by reducing energy consumption through more environmentally friendly solutions. This purpose is the vertex that unites the company with its employees, customers and shareholders in the search for business sustainability, in the medium and long term. Businesses are only sustainable if they generate positive impacts on people, society and the planet.

ENGIE offers solutions to the main challenges facing the planet and society, such as global warming and access for all to cleaner and more efficient energy.

The Group applies an integrated business model, focused on four main activities: industrial solutions for customers, renewable energy generation, energy transport networks and infrastructures and conventional generation, and electricity and gas supply.

ENGIE develops, in a comprehensive manner, solutions that combine technological and digital capabilities with proposals to address their financing, aimed at reducing the energy consumption of its customers and promoting a better future for all.

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